Private full day sailing tour from Athens

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We will meet at the marina (see note on pickups).Our captain will be waiting for us and our sailing yacht will be ready to set off for this magical day.

We should be on our way at around nine thirty so as that we have ample time to get to our destination (see note of itinerary).
We will enjoy our trip to the island basking in the sun. Hopefully we shall have a good breeze so we can hoist the sails. We will take our time to enjoy our trip and take in the fantastic scenery, the clear blue waters, and the Saronic islands. Our skipper will explain to us all about sailing and if you are feeling energetic you can also give a hand.
After our sail we will reach the secluded beach which is our destination and we will drop anchor and enjoy the clear blue waters. We will spend our time up to lunch relaxing on the deck of the yacht – or exploring the beach. Our captain will give us information about the sea life found in the Aegean Sea and about the island we are visiting. Masks and snorkels are available on the yacht for you; snorkeling in the bay is a lot of fun and will build up our appetite!
A light lunch will be prepared by our skipper and served on deck. We will enjoy our lunch sitting in the shaded area of our yacht. The view of the small bay, the nice light food and the sounds of the sea on the boat will make this meal the highlight of our holiday.
After lunch, and at a very leisurely pace, we will make our way back to the marina which we started from. We will once again set hoist sails for the trip and enjoy the sailing experience. It will be late afternoon when we return.
Note on Itinerary:
Our main itinerary options are:
  • From the Alimos marina to the north tip of the island of Aegina and return.
  • From the Alimos marina to the island of Fleves and return.
  • From the Alimos Marina to the Bay of Peristeria on the island of Salamis and retu
The destination of the sailing trip depends on the weather, but rest assured there are many great areas for us to sail to.
What is included
Sailing boat charter for the day.
Including skipper.
Light lunch on board.
Pick up point / End point
The tour starts and ends at the marina of Alimos (about 20 minutes from the city center).
If you wish, we can arrange for your pickup and drop off from any point/hotel in the Athens area including the Cruise Terminal port and the international airport.
Cruise Ship Passengers
We will arrange to have your driver at the cruise terminal to pick you up from there. The time needed to get from the port to marina Alimos about half an hour.


Departure point

We will arrange pick up from any point in Athens or Piraeus.

Starting at

As this is a private tour the time it starts is up to you. For day tours we recommend the tours start at 09:00 in order to make sure the sights are seen with time at hand and not rushed.

Drop off point

The tour ends at the same point as the pickup originated at. We can arrange alternative drop off point is you wish so.

Excursion Time

9 hours approx.


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